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January 18th, 2019 by Ubikkidus

The Grid is a column featuring acts on Chiswick Radio’s radar, along with all pertinent information to get you started.

Verity White is in the spotlight here, and I first want to give a nod to her Twitter feed, which consistently has great content. With that said, Verity’s singing voice is much better and she has a new album coming out in mid-February called “Reclaim; Set Fire” (album cover below)

Act: Verity White

Genre: Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Any rock!

Based: UK

Twitter: @veebear (

What We Think:  I’ll say this from the start –  if you wanted to start a rock band, you’d want Verity White at that microphone.   Going through the catalog on Spotify was an effortless deep dive – I was having a blast just letting it play.. In addition to her upcoming album, Verity has one full length album, two EP’s and some singles, which I found on Spotify.   

One singer that comes to mind is Pat Benatar, which is high praise and you should check out her catalog if the name isn’t familiar.  Also, though I try to focus on the music, it’s clear that Verity has a strong stage presence when you watch one of her music videos (scroll down to see one) .   While I’m at it,  a big shout out to Verity White’s band –it’s much better to listen to a great voice with great music. 

Where You Can Hear The Music: 




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January 14th, 2019 by Ubikkidus

The Grid is a column featuring acts on Chiswick Radio’s radar, along with all pertinent information to get you started.

This week, we’re covering 2p Soldiers, who have three albums on Spotify. One of the attributes they give their music is “cinematic”, so if you like music that sounds like it fits in a movie or a TV show, check them out.

Act: 2p Soldiers

Genre: Synth Pop / Instrumental / Cinematic, it’s Twitter page also says Electronic, Chill and lo-fi

Based: UK

Twitter: @2psoldiers or right here:

What We Think:  I enjoyed this, especially 2p Soldiers’ last release, 2018’s “Zena Rising”.  A Mr. Robot fan, I can easily hear some of this music playing in an episode.  It’s also good to listen to while I’m at work, or need to focus on an activity, it plays on my receptors without being a distraction. Primarily synthesizer, you can hear some synth voice, drums and even guitar.  One song where this all comes together is “Electronica Acoustic Soulution (see below).  Further down, check out the link for the new single, “Reason”.  If you’re on Spotify, I’d recommend playing through the whole catalog, from where you should least find a few songs to add to your playlists. 

Where You Can Hear Them:





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December 17th, 2018 by Ubikkidus

The Grid is a column featuring acts on Chiswick Radio’s radar, along with all pertinent information to get you started.

This week, we’re covering Imbolg, whose album “The Sorrows” we’ve been listening to over the last couple of weeks and we recommend checking out.

Act: Imbolg

Genre: Rock / Metal / Goth

Based: New York

Twitter: @imbolg or right here:

Other Media:   Facebook ( and Bandcamp (

What We Think:   “The Sorrows”, Imbolg’s 2018 release is a very good rock album regardless of the different flavors of rock you like.   Just listening to “The Sorrows”,  I caught some influences of Type O Negative and Joy Division– the band also mentions Danzig, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.  I’m a big fan of uptempo and midtempo songs, but they also have some slow tempo tunes to mix things up.   

They have two albums– “The Sorrows” and “Imbolg” – which run consistent in terms of their sound so if you like one, you’ll dig the other.  They’re both available on Spotify and their YouTube page.

The entire “Sorrows” album clocks in around a half hour, so I’d recommend going end to end, but I’ll give a shout out to “Edward”, “Paler Still” and “Your Darkest Day” (below).  When you add it up, Imbolg’s music holds up well especially during this time of the year (winter and darkness).

These guys do live gigs, so check out their Facebook page when they go on tour.

Where You Can Hear Them:




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August 17th, 2018 by Ubikkidus

The Grid is a column featuring acts on Chiswick Radio’s radar, along with all pertinent information to get you started:


Act: Sugar Junkies

Genre: Piano Poppin It

Based: The UK!

Twitter:  @SugarJunkiesUK

Comments:   Sugar Junkies currently have two singles available, “Faceless”  and “Star”.   A new song, “He Knows”,  will be available on August 27th. 

Where You Can Hear Them:

You Tube:


How about a song?

Here you go!


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August 2nd, 2018 by Ubikkidus

The Grid is a column featuring acts on Chiswick Radio’s radar, along with all pertinent information to get you started:

Act: Kittenhead

Genre: Rockin It

Based: California

Twitter:  @KittenheadLA

Comments:   New release on Spotify – an EP called “NYB” came out in July.   Some songs that aren’t on Spotify are on the Kittenhead Reverbnation page, so check both if you want to hear everything.  Great photography of Kittenhead in action can be found on their Twitter page. 

Where You Can Hear Them: 

You Tube:





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October 14th, 2017 by Ubikkidus


This was the first time I saw Against Me! in concert and regret not seeing them sooner.  The Paradise Rock Club in Boston is a gem to see a show–occupancy limit is under 1000 and there are two levels, so the view is close to the stage.  I was lucky to find a spot behind the sound board, and they rocked hard the whole set.

They did a bunch of great songs from their catalog, “Pints Of Guinness Make You Strong” is an amazing song to hear and see live, as is “Teenage Anarchist” and “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”.    They even did a two song tribute to Tom Petty, which was a nice change of pace.

The pix below kind of suck –I’m not a photographer and it’s a shitty camera phone, but figured someone else who was there might enjoy seeing these shots—-or someone who didn’t get to go.   If you are a fan of rock, you need to check these guys out,  so worth it…….


20171011_225545 20171011_225535 20171011_225509 20171011_225037 20171011_225009 20171011_215459 20171004_153324  20171011_23045820171011_230546 20171011_230416


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September 20th, 2017 by Ubikkidus


Kittenhead is a band based out of California and I’ve been listening to them a bunch lately since we became friends on Twitter a couple of months back.

Straight ahead timeless rock, hell this could’ve been on a cassette of mine from the 80’s (that’s a compliment–I don’t fuck around with my cassettes and there is a whole collorary around did you buy cassettes or were you always grubbing off other’s people shit with your blank tapes but we won’t go there).

I started listening to them on Spotify. If you want to what I mean by straight ahead, go to “Tuesday” the first song of their 2014 album “We’re Here”.

Love songs that keep chugging along. And while we’re at it, the very next song “Ready to Roll”  has some good chugging too (just go with it) with a nice, slower groove.


One change of pace one I really dig is “Privacy”, which digs into the alternative rock bag of tricks.


Finally, love “Derby Girl”,   an earlier song from Kittenhead, which, reading their bio, gets played at roller derbies throughout California, and made me realize, I’ve never been to one!!!!! (staring at my toes).


Changes of direction, great guitars and vocals (#younarcissiticbastard), and the groove of the drum / bass interaction is inifectious throughout.  You can tell these guys would be fun to see live (I’ve seen some videos), and I need to make a trip to the Left Coast one of these days.










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September 15th, 2017 by Ubikkidus

  1.  Champion – by Kanye West (2007)  – this week marks the 10th anniversary of Kanye’s release of “Graduation”, which has goodies like “Stronger” and “Flashing Lights”.  I chose “Champion” though to marry it with the passing of Walter Becker, co-founder and guitarist of Steely Dan, whose song “Kid Charlemagne” is sampled here.  And while we’re at it………this doesn’t count as a second song but you get it.

Kid Charlemagne, from one of my favorite albums ever…..”The Royal Scam”!!!!!!!  So many great songs on here.  If I wanted to be obnoxious (which I am), I’d throw “Don’t Trust ‘Em” by Ice Cube in here, which samples “Green Earrings” from, you got it, Royal Scam.  Oh what the hell.


Whatever happened to O’Shea Jackson?


2.  “Mean Streak” – by Y&T (1983)  – I came across this song on a compilation album called “Masters of Metal”, which also featured bands like Kiss, Sabbath, Maiden, Rush, Van Halen and DOKKEN!!!!!!   My understanding is that Y&T were big fans of The Beatles and Y&T stands for Yesterday & Today, a Beatles song.  History aside, I think this is a vastly underrated song from that era.


3. “Evermore” – by Grandaddy (2017) –  I love this little piece of alternative rock.   It has a constant, hypnotic groove, but it also has a slow build from verse to chorus.   Those keyboards are like guitars, but the song has guitars too!



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September 13th, 2017 by Ubikkidus

Image result for birdie bees gavin turek


So I’ve been listening to Gavin Turek for the last year or so, enjoying everything I’ve heard through Spotify.   But until recently,  I thought that Gavin was a DJ who had a really good female singer accompanying him.  That is incorrect.

Gavin Turek is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress from L.A. and you get the point, I’m an ignorant idiot. At least she’s a sport.about it:

Gavin’s music runs the gamut of R&B to disco club hits and the common thread is there’s  a nice groove in every song.There’s about 25-30 of her songs on Spotify (ncluding remixes) so it’s easy to catch up on what you’ve been missing.  Being a perky dimply dude, I’m focusing on the more dancy stuff (yep, and I don’t dance), but give it all a listen–it’s worth it.

The first two songs are from 2015. Both “Frontline” and “Don’t Fight It” both have 1980’s dance pop sensibility but not over the top that you don’t feel comfortable sitting in 2017.

Gavin’s “Good Look for You” EP came out in 2017, and I really dig the title track, which like “Frontline” and “Don’t Fight It” straddles the line between the 80’s and today.


“Birdie Bees”,  which came out this month, has it’s feet firmly in the now, and has a slower funky feel, and some vocal gymnastics from Gavin.  This is a nice kickback, change of pace from the songs above and look forward to hearing mre.
















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September 8th, 2017 by Ubikkidus

  1. Groove Is In the Heart” by Deee-Lite (1990)—- this is an obvious song, with a less obvious fact.   There is a musical threesome of hall of fame all-stars here.   Q-Tip(ATCQ), Bootsy Collins (Parliament/Funkadelic, maybe the GOAT of funk bassists) and Maceo Parker (James Brown’s sax player).

2.  ” Over Everything” by Courtney Barrett and Kurt Vile (2017) –  So Courtney Barrett and Kurt Vile did a song together?  Really.   They did a whole album together? Yep. If you like either one of them, you’ll probably like this.   And this is my kind of country music (ok, I know it’s not country).



3. “E=MC2” by J Dilla (2006) – Because when I hear this groove by J Dilla, I feel like I can take bullets. Any one who was ever overcaffeinated, overstimulated or just intelligent should understand that last sentence.







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