Dear World from NIN

If you follow your favorite band’s history, there’s usually a height it reaches artistically before a decline or plateau.  In some cases, the music that is produced after their peak is unbearable to listen to.  I’m not a hater so won’t name names, I’d rather just walk away from it (or run) and not speak ill. But you can probably find a few bands you used to love who fall under this category.

Another flavor is the band that will be remembered for a certain height, like what I mentioned above.  After that height, though, they continue to produce music that, while it won’t be on the short list of your all time faves, create that distinct sound and artistry that you crave and welcome when you hear it.

Which brings me to Dear World, by Nine Inch Nails.   I’m by no means a hardcore fan of NIN, but I’ve listened enough of them over the last oh god, I don’t know how many years, oh let’s stop there.

Dear World sounds like a distinct Nine Inch Nails song with the instrumentation and Trent Reznor vocals.   We are not breaking new ground here, neither will it be in the retrospective video when they gets into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (shouldn’t NIN be in already)?

I’ll keep it brief, listen to it below, and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Enjoy.


February 6th, 2017 by