Here are the Spotify playlists we’ve been maintaining since 2012, most recent at the top. ¬†Each playlist, or “jukebox” contains around 200 songs with a mix of all types of rock, hip hop pop and dance music.

Many of the songs are internationally known, while others are clearly off or under the grid. A small portion of each jukebox consists of music that was popular at the time, while most of it hopefully has some timeless qualities.

If you have a song idea to add, feel free to hit us up @chiswick_radio on Twitter (https://twitter.com/chiswick_radio).


Jukebox 9 (beta, in progress, input welcome!)

Portable Priest (pre-Turbo)

Este Ocho (2018)

soooooulllll trainnnn

Thank Heaven for Jukebox 7 (2017)

Six Six Six Jukebox (2017)

Five Alive Jukebox (2016)

Fo Fo Fo Jukebox (2016)

Masta Blasta Jukebox (2015)

Hoodro Wilson Jukebox (2014)

Ubikkidus jukebox (2013)

August 3rd, 2018 by Ubikkidus