My crash course on Foxygen 101

This all got started on seeing that Foxygen, a band I was vaguely familiar with, is playing the Paradise Rock Club in Boston in late March.   Having kids, you need to pick your spots on which concerts to see.

What’s written and pasted below is one guys broad shallow sweep through Foxygen’s discography. No reviews have been read so no apologies if it sounds like something someone else has written.

Spoiler alert: will probably go to the show, more on that later……

My introduction to Foxygen was through Diane Coffee (via Spotify), and is an act tangentially related, and you can wikipedia it all.

Foxygen has a huge affinity for the 60’s and 70’s—hitting doo-wop/oldies, psychedelia, and 70’s pop tunes.

I’m going to get this off my chest, the lead singer reminds me of the lead singer of Cymbals Eat Guitars with a whole lot more range. He can go Mick Jagger and at that point it becomes scary good.

There is definitely a 1960’s vibe on the first three albums, (2012’s Take the Kids off Broadway,  2013’s We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic, and 2014’s And Star Power). “Take the Kids” is more early 60’s (think wall of sound with dramatic highs and lows) , while “21st century” embraces more of the psychedelic. “Star Power” builds on “Peace & Magic” with more rock.

By the way, the last song of “Star Power” is “Hang”, which is the name of their new album (came out January 20th, 2017). That’s a 3 year commitment right there.

Start with this…

It’s all over the place.   And we love changeups and curveballs.

“No Destruction” is a gem, it’s a cross between a legitimate classic rock song with a little bit of 90’s alternative mixed in.  I love the line “There’s no need to be an asshole, you’re not in Brooklyn anymore…..”




“On Blue Mountain” …


“How Can You Really” is the song everyone knows, and rightfully so.  70’s pop rock (with horns!) These guys love horns, I really hope they bring some brass on tour.


Here is stuff from the new album:

“Follow the Leader”—-I’m loving this, it sounds mid – 70’s and I say that in the best way possible.


“Avalon” (in the name of Boz Scaggs!)


“America” – I tweeted out this might be the best show tune I’ve heard all year.   I stand by that comment. The song writes the play.

“On Lankeshim”  – this ties the showtunes and rock together.   I could see a Springsteen cover band doing this.

So, these guys feel all over the place, but it does come together very nicely. It’s a music geek’s adventure which is why it would be a total trip to see them live if done right. I’ve got high hopes and expectations. The various musical styles and instrumentation Foxygen uses will make for quite an interesting experience.  Especially so since it’s in the Paradise, which is mostly standing room and fits about 600 if it’s jam packed. If you like shaking hands with the band members, this place is ideal.

This has to be taken in, I don’t know where Foxygen is going, but I hope they keep going.

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