July 15th, 2016 by Ubikkidus

I’ve got a lot of respect for the blues, but don’t carry much in the arsenal.    The main reason is I’m a song guy, and a lot of the blues are based on one riff that keeps plowing throughout the song.   I do like it, and especially like it in a live setting but it doesn’t necessarily make it one of my playlists.

Which brings me to Fantastic Negrito.    I can listen to his material all day.  If you haven’t heard “Lost in a Crowd” or “An Honest Man”, click on the link above and below.

This to me, is blues, but they are well crafted songs as well, not just a jam. There are 3 things done great by the Fantastic One (can I call you that?):   1) Excellent soulful vocals with intensity–nothing casual here, 2)Nice riffs, and 3) my favorite- well written lyrics and the composition of a song.

This all sounds obvious like the ABC’s of making a great song, but it’s great to hear it in a blues setting.    Needless to say the Fantastic Negrito is in my playlists now.




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