July 15th, 2016 by Ubikkidus

It’s hot and sticky here in Boston, so we cranked this playlist real quick and find some cold water to jump into.   Great mix of stuff here, including the internationally known, on the surface and lurking in the murky.

Hope you enjoyed our pieces this week on Fantastic Negrito and Tacocat who are headlining our playlist. Always a joy to come into contact with new sounds that get us going. Also had to throw in some Unknown Mortal Orchestra (the friggin UMO was on Conan recently!!) and “Coffin Nails” from MF Doom (again, a 10 second instrumental played 17 times).

Have a great weekend (unless you’re Tacocat).

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July 15th, 2016 by Ubikkidus

I’ve got a lot of respect for the blues, but don’t carry much in the arsenal.    The main reason is I’m a song guy, and a lot of the blues are based on one riff that keeps plowing throughout the song.   I do like it, and especially like it in a live setting but it doesn’t necessarily make it one of my playlists.

Which brings me to Fantastic Negrito.    I can listen to his material all day.  If you haven’t heard “Lost in a Crowd” or “An Honest Man”, click on the link above and below.

This to me, is blues, but they are well crafted songs as well, not just a jam. There are 3 things done great by the Fantastic One (can I call you that?):   1) Excellent soulful vocals with intensity–nothing casual here, 2)Nice riffs, and 3) my favorite- well written lyrics and the composition of a song.

This all sounds obvious like the ABC’s of making a great song, but it’s great to hear it in a blues setting.    Needless to say the Fantastic Negrito is in my playlists now.




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