The Grid 1/14/2019: 2p Soldiers

The Grid is a column featuring acts on Chiswick Radio’s radar, along with all pertinent information to get you started.

This week, we’re covering 2p Soldiers, who have three albums on Spotify. One of the attributes they give their music is “cinematic”, so if you like music that sounds like it fits in a movie or a TV show, check them out.

Act: 2p Soldiers

Genre: Synth Pop / Instrumental / Cinematic, it’s Twitter page also says Electronic, Chill and lo-fi

Based: UK

Twitter: @2psoldiers or right here:

What We Think:  I enjoyed this, especially 2p Soldiers’ last release, 2018’s “Zena Rising”.  A Mr. Robot fan, I can easily hear some of this music playing in an episode.  It’s also good to listen to while I’m at work, or need to focus on an activity, it plays on my receptors without being a distraction. Primarily synthesizer, you can hear some synth voice, drums and even guitar.  One song where this all comes together is “Electronica Acoustic Soulution (see below).  Further down, check out the link for the new single, “Reason”.  If you’re on Spotify, I’d recommend playing through the whole catalog, from where you should least find a few songs to add to your playlists. 

Where You Can Hear Them:





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