The Grid 1/17/2018: Verity White

The Grid is a column featuring acts on Chiswick Radio’s radar, along with all pertinent information to get you started.

Verity White is in the spotlight here, and I first want to give a nod to her Twitter feed, which consistently has great content. With that said, Verity’s singing voice is much better and she has a new album coming out in mid-February called “Reclaim; Set Fire” (album cover below)

Act: Verity White

Genre: Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Any rock!

Based: UK

Twitter: @veebear (

What We Think:  I’ll say this from the start –  if you wanted to start a rock band, you’d want Verity White at that microphone.   Going through the catalog on Spotify was an effortless deep dive – I was having a blast just letting it play.. In addition to her upcoming album, Verity has one full length album, two EP’s and some singles, which I found on Spotify.   

One singer that comes to mind is Pat Benatar, which is high praise and you should check out her catalog if the name isn’t familiar.  Also, though I try to focus on the music, it’s clear that Verity has a strong stage presence when you watch one of her music videos (scroll down to see one) .   While I’m at it,  a big shout out to Verity White’s band –it’s much better to listen to a great voice with great music. 

Where You Can Hear The Music: 




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