The Grid 12/17/2018: Imbolg

The Grid is a column featuring acts on Chiswick Radio’s radar, along with all pertinent information to get you started.

This week, we’re covering Imbolg, whose album “The Sorrows” we’ve been listening to over the last couple of weeks and we recommend checking out.

Act: Imbolg

Genre: Rock / Metal / Goth

Based: New York

Twitter: @imbolg or right here:

Other Media:   Facebook ( and Bandcamp (

What We Think:   “The Sorrows”, Imbolg’s 2018 release is a very good rock album regardless of the different flavors of rock you like.   Just listening to “The Sorrows”,  I caught some influences of Type O Negative and Joy Division– the band also mentions Danzig, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.  I’m a big fan of uptempo and midtempo songs, but they also have some slow tempo tunes to mix things up.   

They have two albums– “The Sorrows” and “Imbolg” – which run consistent in terms of their sound so if you like one, you’ll dig the other.  They’re both available on Spotify and their YouTube page.

The entire “Sorrows” album clocks in around a half hour, so I’d recommend going end to end, but I’ll give a shout out to “Edward”, “Paler Still” and “Your Darkest Day” (below).  When you add it up, Imbolg’s music holds up well especially during this time of the year (winter and darkness).

These guys do live gigs, so check out their Facebook page when they go on tour.

Where You Can Hear Them:




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