The Grid 3/6/2019: Agustin Tagliabue

The Grid is a column featuring acts on Chiswick Radio’s radar, along with all pertinent information to get you started.

Agustin Tagliabue is an Argentinian blues vocalist / singer, with currently two albums on Spotify,  “Solo mi viola y yo” and his recent release “Mundos Divididos”(both songs below are from this album).

On his Facebook page (links below), he lists Stevie Ray Vaughan as an influence, and that was apparent in his song “Heroica”.



Act: Agustin Tagliabue

Genre: Electric Blues / Rock

Based:  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Twitter:  @AgusTaglia

What We Think:  There’s enough here to enjoy whether or not you’re a big blues fan. Tagliabue’s blues are what I call “electric”–it’s not because he plays an electric guitar (which most blues artists do), but there’s an intensity that’s less Mississippi delta / traditional blues, and more of an edgy, driving blues.  What’s also interesting is that all of the lyrics are in Spanish, which is a new experience for listening to blues if you’re primarily English speaking,   The vocals are much more polished/melodic than your more traditional blues tune, as if influenced by another genre.  If you like the blues, I think he would fit nicely as a change of pace in a blues playlist with artists like Gary Clark Jr., Fantastic Negrito and Robben Ford. 

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