The new 007 film – Kasabian’s Days Are Forgotten

Yes, we are going into movie making.

Step 1—Push play and then hit pause to the first video above,  James Bond Quantum of Solace intro. Then turn the volume down.

Step 2 – Push play on Kasabian’s song “Days Are Forgotten” below, and turn volume up.

Step 3 – Push play on the James Bond intro above

Step 4 – Watch the James Bond intro

Days are Forgotten is a 2011 song by the popular British rock group Kasabian. ( Isn’t this the prototypical song for the opening of a Bond movie? Of course it is, it’s perfect. I don’t even if have a production budget and look how easy it was to splice together.

You can take any recent Bond movie, think of the slow motion, the shadowy figures of nude women and the bullets flying, and apply this song.   Why has this not happened?????   Normally I’d leave it at that but…….


THE TITLE!!!!!!!!

Kasabian unwittingly created a title for a new Bond movie. Think about it, a global weapon of mass destruction that erases people’s memories.  The world would sink into chaos if everyone was walking around if they had their brains wiped clean like a hard drive. James Bond is the only one who can stop it and it will be the engine of Kasabian’s song that drives it.

This needs to be made.  Shaken, not stirred.

May 12th, 2016 by