Thursday Three (Sept 14, 2017)

  1.  Champion – by Kanye West (2007)  – this week marks the 10th anniversary of Kanye’s release of “Graduation”, which has goodies like “Stronger” and “Flashing Lights”.  I chose “Champion” though to marry it with the passing of Walter Becker, co-founder and guitarist of Steely Dan, whose song “Kid Charlemagne” is sampled here.  And while we’re at it………this doesn’t count as a second song but you get it.

Kid Charlemagne, from one of my favorite albums ever…..”The Royal Scam”!!!!!!!  So many great songs on here.  If I wanted to be obnoxious (which I am), I’d throw “Don’t Trust ‘Em” by Ice Cube in here, which samples “Green Earrings” from, you got it, Royal Scam.  Oh what the hell.


Whatever happened to O’Shea Jackson?

2.  “Mean Streak” – by Y&T (1983)  – I came across this song on a compilation album called “Masters of Metal”, which also featured bands like Kiss, Sabbath, Maiden, Rush, Van Halen and DOKKEN!!!!!!   My understanding is that Y&T were big fans of The Beatles and Y&T stands for Yesterday & Today, a Beatles song.  History aside, I think this is a vastly underrated song from that era.

3. “Evermore” – by Grandaddy (2017) –  I love this little piece of alternative rock.   It has a constant, hypnotic groove, but it also has a slow build from verse to chorus.   Those keyboards are like guitars, but the song has guitars too!



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