Top 5 Tonight 11/27/2016

Tonight’s Top 5, in no particular order or reason:

1. Cuba Quiero Bailar La Salsa – by ??????????

Why you ask?  Because I’m drinking vodka and in the mood for a pile of cocaine!   OK, not sure how I got this, but I found a 90 minute cassette of “Disco Classics” and this was on it.  BTW – I  don’t have a cassette player but have a cassette “converter” which takes cassettes and converts the audio to MP3’s and such.   (And it looks like a cassette player). I don’t know who did this song and had to google cuba quiere baila la salsa to get this, and it lines up so I’m happy.


2. Silouhettes by Preoccupations

I’m trying to figure out whether Preoccupations (the band formerly known as Viet Cong), are paying tribute to New Order, Interpol or both. And I’ll never get that answer and someone will call me an idiot.  But when people tell you that rock is dead, look no further. And yes, they have a new album called “Preoccupations” which came out in September and it’s delightful. This song isn’t on it though (it’s from 2015).


3. Put Me Thru by Anderson Paak

If I were a sports talk radio host, I’d be sitting here teasing an over/under on the number of Grammys that Anderson Paak should win in the next 5 years. In my imaginary world of delusion and idolmaking, the line is at 16.5 Grammys, with 8 Grammies collected in 2017.  He’s a five tool superstar–hip hop, soul, funk, vocals, attitude—-those don’t add up perfectly and I’ll stop with the sports analogies.   I actually fucked up and DIDN’T buy tickets when he performed at The Paradise in Boston this past summer.   The Paradise is great since it’s small and you’re always in high five distance of the stage. The point is, I blew this one.

4. White Crosses by Against Me!

This isn’t the first and won’t be the last time something by Against Me! shows up on one of these lists This isn’t my favorite, which doesn’t mean it isn’t great –hope that makes sense.  But when this song came on today, I had to turn this up real loud.  I WANNA SMASH THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!

5. These Walls by Kendrick Lamar

This might be my favorite song on “To Pimp A Butterfly”.   Yes, I’m shallow, and this video on YouTube gets a fraction of the views that other songs on the album get.   But this is the song I want to have on in a convertible on the 101 in LA at 7pm in August.   OK, that’s specific, and haven’t been to LA in 10 years, but when I go back……….


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