Top 5 Tonight Dec 15th 2016

Tonight’s Top 5, in no particular order or reason.  Some new, some older and some old Be warned, the median age of these songs is 10 years old.

1 Tomorrow Never Knows  – The Beatles

Everyone in a while, I’ll listen to a Beatles album.  I’m more about The White Album or Abbey Road. I know Revolver but it’s been a while since I played it straight through.  This song Lennon wrote is forward thinking. Yes it’s psychedelic, but not in a 1960’s hippy / baby boomer kind of way. I joked that this sounds like a Chemical Brothers song. And of course it’s underrated – the only reference I’ve caught to it was at the end of a TV show (Mad Men?). This song should be much higher on any list of great Beatles songs.

2. Surgery – Two Door Cinema Club

This could have easily been five other songs from “Gameshow” which TDCC (is that used?) released this fall.  Before this album, I knew a couple of their songs, but I couldn’t say I was a big fan.  This album front to back is a great listen straight through if you like the dance/ pop / rock genre.  I’m keeping an eye on tour dates, this must be one fun concert.

3. Dance – Danny Brown

No idea how I came across this song which came out 2 years ago, but it reminds me of “Southern Hospitality” by Ludacris.   A solid, turn it-up-loud-in-your-ride head bopper.  I’ve always liked Danny Brown, but wasn’t ready for this.

4  Black and White Town – Doves

I can’t believe this song is pretty much 10 years old. This song is wire to wire good and I’m wondering if I need to do a deep dive on Doves.   I think I do.  This song kind of reminds me of Tears for Fears (in a good way).


5  Jumpers – Sleater-Kinney

Again another 10 year old song (I know, I know).   Sleater-Kinney is every rock journalists wet dream and I never listened to them.  I saw their new album “No Cities to Love” came out and gave it a listen, and I liked it.  Enter another deep dive and came across this.  Great use of guitars, and change ups throughout the song.   I can see how someone can get into these guys.





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