TV on the Radio Abridged

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Below are five million words on why TV on the Radio is one of the best American bands of the last 10 years.

Kidding. I’ll give you just enough and then let you tell me.

1  Read this for a primer: This is a great synopsis of the band. No need for me to regurgitate.

2. Below is 30 songs, 2 hours of music spanning their first release, an EP titled “Young Liars” in 2003 to their last release, “Seeds” in 2014.

3. Two cents. Tv on the Radio changes it up on each album, within each album and sometimes even within a song. They want to rock. They want to groove. Sometimes they want you to just listen to a song real loud. There are at least ten songs that can be inserted into an Oscar quality movie and would fit nicely.  Their music would make a great edition of “Laser TV on The Radio” at the local planetarium.  Finally, great bands have the ability to generate fans who listen for different reasons. My favorite song is “Halfway Home” and not many have heard it (you can ask ten fans and it may not make any of their top ten). Hell, many might ditch my playlist and come up with an entirely different one.

Great bands let us engage how we want, and this is one of them. Enjoy.

May 2nd, 2016 by