August 2nd, 2018 by Ubikkidus

The Grid is a column featuring acts on Chiswick Radio’s radar, along with all pertinent information to get you started:

Act: Kittenhead

Genre: Rockin It

Based: California

Twitter:  @KittenheadLA

Comments:   New release on Spotify – an EP called “NYB” came out in July.   Some songs that aren’t on Spotify are on the Kittenhead Reverbnation page, so check both if you want to hear everything.  Great photography of Kittenhead in action can be found on their Twitter page. 

Where You Can Hear Them: 

You Tube:





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September 20th, 2017 by Ubikkidus


Kittenhead is a band based out of California and I’ve been listening to them a bunch lately since we became friends on Twitter a couple of months back.

Straight ahead timeless rock, hell this could’ve been on a cassette of mine from the 80’s (that’s a compliment–I don’t fuck around with my cassettes and there is a whole collorary around did you buy cassettes or were you always grubbing off other’s people shit with your blank tapes but we won’t go there).

I started listening to them on Spotify. If you want to what I mean by straight ahead, go to “Tuesday” the first song of their 2014 album “We’re Here”.

Love songs that keep chugging along. And while we’re at it, the very next song “Ready to Roll”  has some good chugging too (just go with it) with a nice, slower groove.


One change of pace one I really dig is “Privacy”, which digs into the alternative rock bag of tricks.


Finally, love “Derby Girl”,   an earlier song from Kittenhead, which, reading their bio, gets played at roller derbies throughout California, and made me realize, I’ve never been to one!!!!! (staring at my toes).


Changes of direction, great guitars and vocals (#younarcissiticbastard), and the groove of the drum / bass interaction is inifectious throughout.  You can tell these guys would be fun to see live (I’ve seen some videos), and I need to make a trip to the Left Coast one of these days.










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